"I’m in love with the sight of you…"

If y’all could create your ultimate boy band to go on tour with, who would be in it? (x)

What were your feelings exactly when you were going on stage to audition?


"i dont remember my lyrics" "im gonna barf" "i cant speak" "is that demi" "jesus" "whats my name" "icant do this" "what song am i singing" "is that simon" "i cant think" 

@laurenjauregui: This is a perfect description of my weekend ✨ 

@laurenjauregui: This is a perfect description of my weekend ✨ 


Regina “Jealous” Mills  ||  1x07 • 1x08 • 2x19 • 3x03 • 3x09 • 3x14


April 16th: Lauren and Camila at The 1975’s concert in Los Angeles



Camila realizing she has made the barbie indecent for the camera